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Use Curate Your Cake Parfait to create your own delectable masterpiece. Select toppings, fillings, and layers to create a customized dessert masterpiece!

Please select your Parfait size. Default size is Medium.

What kind of cake flavor do you like?

Select toppings for your cake parfait.

Select your parfait sauces.

Do you want extra pieces of offerings?

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Relish your day by choosing from a variety of rich cake flavors, such as fluffy vanilla and luscious chocolate. Next, treat your palate to a range of delectable fillings, such as rich, velvety chocolate cream and velvety cream. Add any toppings as you like, like as sweet sprinkles or crunchy almonds, to personalize your masterpiece.

For dessert lovers of all ages, “Build Your Cake Parfait” offers a distinctive and engaging experience, whether you’re celebrating a special event or just sating a sweet tooth. With our Build Your Cake Parfait kit, you may uplift your events, wow your visitors, and relish the satisfaction of crafting your own masterpiece. After all, wonderful occasions need a personalized touch!


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